Visiting Morrilton

Visiting Morrilton

Morrilton and it's nearby areas contain a wealth of opportunities for our residents.  The Morrilton Parks and Recreation Department provides activities for children and adults. If you're interested in shopping, Downtown Morrilton offers many opportunities.  The Rialto Community Arts Center on Broadway Street houses many events including concerts, plays, community meetings, and private events.  

To the south is Petit Jean State Park.  The park was Arkansas' first State Park and offers many opportunities for fishing, hiking, camping, and many other activities.  Directly to the north is Lake Overcup, known throughout the state for it's fine fishing and boating opportunities.

Morrilton currently has four hotels, along with the nearby facilities on Petit Jean Mountain.  A variety of food also awaits you in Morrilton.  Whether it be something for on the go or you have time to sit and enjoy your meal, Morrilton can provide you with something that will help your hunger.

Other sites of interest include the Museum of Automobiles on Petit Jean Mountain, Bargains Galore on 64 which occurs in Downtown Morrilton every August, and the Morrilton Depot Museum.

Contact the Morrilton Area Chamber of Commerce or Main Street Morrilton for a continually updated calendar of events and information for our city and the surrounding area.  We hope to see you soon!