About Morrilton

About Morrilton

A View of Downtown Morrilton Looking Towards North Moose Street

Morrilton's roots are located about one mile south of downtown on the Arkansas River.  Originally settled by Major William Lewis and his son, Stephen D. Lewis, in 1820, Lewisburg would be incorporated in 1844 with approximately 1800-2000 inhabitants.  When the railroad finally reached the area in 1871, the area needed a new name.  The land west of the new station belonged to Edwin James Morrill, the east to James Miles Moose.  Allegedly, the reason we're Morrilton and not Mooseville is because of a simple flip of the coin.

For more history, view the Morrilton page on the Encylopedia of Arkansas History website at http://www.encyclopediaofarkansas.net/encyclopedia/entry-detail.aspx?entryID=857.

The Petition to Incorporate was filed for record November 24, 1879 with W. F. Coneer, Clerk of the Conway County Court, and approved January 16, 1880. The petiton and the signatures of the petitioners read as follows:

J.T. Hannaford, et al,
Petitioners to Incorporate

To the Conway County Court:
Your petitioners inhabitants of the territory described as the W1/2 of the NE1/4 and the E1/2 fo the NW fractional 1/4 of Sec. 19, Township 6 North of Range 16 West, all in Conway County, Arkansas, and on which the Town of Morrilton is now situated, a plat of which is now on file in the Clerk's office, respectfully pray that the said territory be organized and incorporated in to a town corporation to be known as the Incorporated Town of Morrillton and that the same be vested with all the rights and privileges which under the law belong to incorporated towns.

And, we hereby designate William L. Moose as the person to act for us in the prosecution of this Petition.

J. T. Hannaford
L. Greer
R. Jones
D.N. McCoole
J.H. McClung
L. Goodman
John Rankin
S.N. Scroggins
James Nalley
L.A. Deimausch
Tom Millner
R. Wilson
John Baien
William Kearney
T.Y. Gandy
N.S. Williams
A.W. Niles
H.C. Batson
George W. Griffin
L.G. Bearden
H.T. Williams
Carl Meyer
Houston Durnal
J.P. Jones
James A. Wilson
C.J. Beck
William Flagg
Jacobson & Ehrlick
Lewis Levi
H. Lendene
J.C. Batson
Joe Alexander
Willis Lewis
James T. Griswell
J.H. Edgerly
Ben Barrett
Louis Rosenwater
A.W. Gross
N.N. Banemore
R.J. Adams
J.T. Penland
Richard G. Gordon
N.A. Nations
R.M. Rankin
William M. Clifton
A.D. Ellis
G.W. Bennett
S.F. Speer
Jho. A. Wilson
George B. Willbanks
N. Corrata
S. B. Cullen
D. D. Brewer
William Odell
William G. Beers
L. Mitchell
J.F. Brown
Nelson Ried
W.A. Batson
F.A. Digman
Edward Drew
Francis Vasha
E.H. Morrill
S.R. Waller
J. M. Moose