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Morrilton City Council

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The Morrilton City Council meets at 6:00 on the second Monday of every month.  The meeting takes place at the City Council Meeting Room at 119 N Division St, Morrilton, AR 72110.

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Jack Knapp

Ward 1, Position 1
(501) 208-3518

David Andrews

Ward 1, Position 2
(501) 354-0512

Gary Koch

Ward 2, Position 1
(501) 354-0260

Bruno Hoelzeman

Ward 2, Position 2
(501) 208-1268

John Payne

Ward 3, Position 1
(501) 354-8042

Aaron Spivey

Ward 3, Position 2
(501) 215-1212


Jim Bowles

Ward 4, Position 1
(501) 472-1351

Fred Hill
Ward 4, Position 2
(501) 354-4503

2018 Agendas
- January 2018
- February 2018

- Archive of Old Agendas

2018 Minutes of Meetings
- January 2018

- Archive of Old Minutes

Morrilton Community Channel 6’s Videos of Monthly Meetings -
- January 2018

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2010-2019 Morrilton City Wards (Click to Display Larger Photo):
2018 Morrilton City Council Committees:
Code Enforcement
Chairman - David Andrews
John Payne and Fred Hill
Chairman - Bruno Hoelzeman
David Andrews, Gary Koch, and Fred Hill
Chairman - John Payne
Jack Knapp, Aaron Spivey, and Jim Bowles
Chairman - Jack Knapp
Gary Koch and John Payne
Intergovernmental Affairs
Chairman - Fred Hill
Bruno Hoelzeman and Jim Bowles
Chairman - Fred Hill
Jack Knapp, Aaron Spivey, and David Andrews 
Chairman - Bruno Hoelzeman
Robert Gunderman and Jim Bowles
Chairman - Gary Koch
Jack Knapp, David Andrews, John Payne, and Jim Bowles
Chairman - Gary Koch and Fred Hill
Jack Knapp and Bruno Hoelzeman
Chairman - Gary Koch
David Andrews, John Payne, and Robert Gunderman
Information Technology
Chairman - Jim Bowles
Bruno Hoelzeman, John Payne, and Robert Gunderman
Chairman - Gary Koch
Jack Knapp, Jim Bowles, and Fred Hill
Chairman - Jim Bowles
David Andrews, Bruno Hoelzeman, and Robert Gunderman